Wireline Network Evolution

Your Network is Talking, Please Listen

Maximizing Upstream Spectral Efficiency: Bonding Groups That Make Sense          

  • Maximizing the upstream received power spectral density by creating upstream bonding groups
  • Understanding how to correlate to the offered upstream service tiers and assign cable modem to an upstream bonding group that correlates to the customer’s provisioned service tier
  • Analyzing the simulation and experimental results

Belal Hamzeh
Vice President | Technology & System Engineering

The Proactive Network Maintenance (PNM) Comeback: OFDM and OFDMA Brings New, Laser-Guided Precision to Plant Fault Distancing     

  • Deep dive analysis of actual plants: examining which conditions cannot evade high-resolution proactive network maintenance (PNM)
  • Reviewing the entire process of collecting, decoding, and analyzing PNM data
  • Developing a simplified approach to OFDM phase correction routine
  • Lessons learned:  tips and tricks emerging PNM technology

Larry Wolcott
Comcast Fellow

Qualifying Network Performance and Impairment Priority in Modern DOCSIS Networks

  • Determining when an RF impairment in the network impacts the subscriber base
  • Using new technique for evaluating impairments to re-rationalize the network performance and so mobilize the workforce
  • Exploring new ways of describing the performance of the network using a single figure of merit
  • Diagnosing the operational health of the network to prioritize labor based on the level of impairment impacting the network at the service level

Mike O'Dell
Distinguished Engineer

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