AI & Automation

Adopting an AI-Powered Approach to Network and Capacity Planning, Part One

Enabling GAN Based Model to Produce Strong Long-Range Forecast

  • Using Generative Adversarial Network (GAN) based models for accurate long-range forecasting: How does it compare to other models?
  • Quantifying the data needed to produce a robust forecast
  • Striking the right balance: Synthesizing an approach between GenAI and conventional methods

Mohsin Afridi
Lead Communications / Network Engineer
Cox Communications

Smart Network Strategy Analysis Powered by GenAI    

  • Using GenAI models to generate insights for comparative analysis across network latency, capacity allocation, resource, and cost optimization opportunities
  • Exploring the practical implications of using GenAI-powered network planning to gaining deeper insights into the intricacies of different network strategies
  • Driving innovation in strategic network planning by providing a systematic framework for comparing and analyzing multiple scenarios

Pavan Chandrashekar
Lead Data Engineer
Cox Communications

Enhancing ISP Network and Service Optimization through Causal Inference and Knowledge Base Development

Sebnem Ozer
Distinguished Engineer
Charter Communications

Yvette Kanouff
JC2 Ventures

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