AI & Automation

Adopting an AI-Powered Approach to Network and Capacity Planning, Part Two

Technology-Agnostic Reliability for HFC and FTTH

  • Providers utilizing both fiber-to-the-home (FTTH) and hybrid fiber-coaxial (HFC) technologies results in a heightened demand for technology-agnostic data points for detecting reliability concerns
  • While each network can be monitored independently, there are shared data points that apply to both
  • Explore how technology-agnostic data presents a practical solution for identifying network impairments within FTTH and HFC infrastructures

Jiten Patel
Director Network Operations
Altice USA

From Art to Science: Designing Resilient Topologies by Quantifying Network Performance Under Duress           

  • Exploring different approaches to measure the resilience of logical topology designs
  • Understanding which metrics to prioritize and the benefits of using a resiliency score
  • Analyzing specific examples: greenfield deployments, managing uncertainty of shared risk link groups (SRLGs), and optimizing fiber additions/removals for existing physical topologies

Vaibhav Phatarpekar
Senior Software Development Engineer

COX CPEONE Suite Now and in the Future!      

  • Reviewing the effectiveness of CPEONE for managing the entire CPE lifecycle
  • Utilizing data mapped from installations, return, repair, scrap and to end of life
  • Developing and drilling into detailed performance metrics

Judy Brown
Network Engineer I
Cox Communications

Yvette Kanouff
JC2 Ventures

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