Circle of Eagles

The Circle of Eagles are valuable leaders of the Society, including Hall of Fame members, Charter Members, Fellow Members, Past Presidents and Chairmen of the Board.


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Opening Headliners

9:00 AM
- 10:30 AM
Charlie Herrin
President of the Technology, Product, Experience
Len Barlik
Executive Vice President, Chief Technology Officer
Cox Communications
Justin Colwell
Executive Vice President, Connectivity Technology
Charter Communications

Exhibition Open

10:45 AM
- 6:00 PM

SCTE Energy 20/20 Update

1:00 PM
- 2:30 PM

Building a Services-Platform Beyond Simple Connectivity

3:15 PM
- 3:55 PM

SCTE Standards Business Continuity Program & Disaster Recovery Update

3:30 PM
- 5:00 PM

Expo Happy Hour

5:00 PM
- 6:00 PM