Optimizing Your Edge

Cox Engineering’s Common Platform Strategy   

  • Exploring how to deploy virtualized infrastructure and related automation systems to unlock innovation, efficiency, and reliability
  • Driving key aspects such as development practices, automation, and centralized management to enhance operational efficiency
  • Utilizing carrier-grade solutions for cloud-native applications and essential network service to ensure scalability and reliability
  • Accelerating software development, deployment, and management while prioritizing security and efficiency

Keith Rothschild
Senior Principal Engineer
Cox Communications

The Multi-CDN Dilemma: Aggregated Edge Networks at Scale

  • Exploring the drivers for independent regional CSPs to consolidate behind a single global open caching controller and open caching request router
  • Propagating configurations to downstream caches and managing the delegation of streaming sessions
  • Aggregating reporting, logging, and observability metrics for delivery to an upstream content provider

Nicholas Dunkin
Director of Architecture and New Product Introduction
Vecima Networks

Designing a Cloud-Native, Real-Time Data Hub and Reporting Dashboard to support Cox Multi-Channel Contact Center Operations    

  • Upgrading to a cloud-native design which enables the adoption of predictive technologies using AI and machine learning
  • Defining an architecture that will enable a data hub to allow consumption of multiple high-frequency and high-volume data sets with enrichment and data presentation in near real-time
  • Selecting the right set of services to meet business use cases without oversizing the design and delivering a cost-effective solution

Thomas Youngblood
Systems Administration Manager
Cox Communications

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