Wireless & Convergence

DOCSIS® Meets Wireless: Performance Analysis and Testing

Transport Protocols Analysis

  • Exploring the QoS and QoE requirements of new and emerging demanding applications
  • Understanding the increasing importance of the transport and network layers working in synergy on overall network performance
  • Reviewing the capabilities available and the results from both simulations and real-world traffic testing
  • Lessons learned: Determining the use cases and applicability of each protocol and deployment options

Rahil Gandotra
Lead Architect

Title: Wi-Fi 7 Meets World Subtitle: Utilizing 802.11be Features to Increase Customer Application Reliability  

  • Exploring the ability of Wi-Fi 7 to deliver the capacity and improve the reliability of the connection needed for emerging customer applications
  • How can the tools and features of Wi-Fi 7 be deployed to meet customer reliability requirements?

David Urban

Wi-Fi Performance Testing for Outdoor Environments       

  • Developing strategies to conduct Wi-Fi testing in diverse markets for out-of-home environments
  • Understanding the methodology for testing and characterizing the Wi-Fi environment

Victor Lopez
Network Engineer
Charter Communications

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Wireless & Convergence

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