Wireless & Convergence

Boosting Your Wi-Fi: Creating a Better Experience for Real-Time Applications

Strategies for Ultra-Low Latency in Wi-Fi   

  • Exploring new metrics to evaluate network performance: Why throughput and latency are key
  • Analyzing mechanisms in Wi-Fi such as Multi-Link Operation (MLO) for managing and minimizing latency
  • Leveraging new features and functions to extend low latency to the customer connecting via Wi-Fi

Pratyusha Malladi
Principle Engineer
Charter Communications

QoS – It’s Not Just for DOCSIS® Anymore – Quality of Service (QoS) Mechanisms in Wi-Fi

  • Understanding the limitations of current contention-based QoS mechanisms and their use in increasingly congested networks
  • Considering other forms of network access that rely on central scheduling
  • Exploring and comparing emerging QoS mechanisms to future proof Wi-Fi

Saju Palayur
Senior Technical Director of Software Engineering
MaxLinear, Inc.

Wi-Fi Latency Characterization and Optimization   

  • Exploring strategies to improve the latency performance of a WiFi network
  • Evaluating the active queue management (AQM) technology as a solution to the buffer-bloat in a Wi-Fi link
  • Optimizing AQM algorithms for contention-based media access systems by exploiting state information of the Distributed Coordination Function (DCF) of the Wi-Fi MAC

Lei Zhou
Charter Communications

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