Wireless & Convergence

Seamless Connectivity: Anytime, Anyplace, Anywhere

Cox’s Next Generation Serviceability and Location Based Intelligence Systems   

  • Designing a platform to provide seamless access and manage serviceability across multiple transports and technologies
  • Understanding how to apply location-based intelligence with standardized data to serve a wide range of products and services in multiple transports
  • Leveraging serviceability data to develop and promote products and services

Sorna Dhanabalan
Lead Architect
Cox Communications

Technical Paper on Creating Seamless Connectivity – Transitioning Between Wi-Fi and Other Radio Access Networks 

  • Exploring key considerations and overcoming challenges to achieving seamless connectivity
  • Enabling a unified user experience across diverse network environments to drive QoS and QoE
  • Analyzing the effectives of existing solutions and approaches for seamless connectivity in terms interoperability, standardization and collaboration

John Bahr
Distinguished Technologist

5G and Wi-Fi 7 Network Convergence with End-to-End Network Slicing 

  • Understanding the role of the convergence of mobile 5G and Wi-Fi access in providing end-to-end network slicing solutions for management and service operations
    • What impact will Wi-Fi 7 technology have?
  • Exploring the framework and architecture of the converged network and the associated technologies
  • Reviewing end-to-end network slicing within a converged 5G and Wi-Fi access network – what are the network management requirements for different environments?
  • What is the future evolution of convergence of 5G and Wi-Fi access?

Gang K Cheng
R&D Director of Digital Home Business Unit 
Nokia Bell Labs

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