Wireless & Convergence

Boosting the Performance and Reliability of Wireless Networks

Leveraging Public Networks to Compliment Delivery of High-Performance Private Networks        

  • Developing a hybrid approach to combining public and private networks that drives flexibility, boosts performance, optimizes cost efficiency and offers strategic advantages
  • Understanding key considerations when implementing a hybrid strategy in terms of:
    • application requirements
    • traffic patterns
    • security protocols
    • compliance regulations
    • partnerships and ecosystems
  • Leveraging public networks to enhance private infrastructures' performance and resilience: Lessons learnt from use cases to date

Kamaljit Bal
Rogers Communications Inc.

Unleashing Multi-Gigabit Homes  

  • Assessing the viability of Wi-Fi 7 to meet the growing capacity demand of bandwidth-intensive applications
  • Exploring the role of Multi-Link Operation (MLO) within Wi-Fi 7 to meet this demand
  • Overcoming the limitations in terms physical barriers and distance and determining the effectiveness of Wi-Fi 7 extenders
  • Lessons learnt – how can we maximize the range of multi-gigabit coverage

Dileep Kumar Soma
Principle Wireless Engineer
Charter Communications 

Charles Cheevers
CTO, Home Networks

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