Operations, Construction & Network Planning

The What, Why and How of Using Digital Twins

Access Network Node Augmentation Optimization through an Operational Digital Twin Model of Fiber Node Plant Topology 

  • Applying digital twins to solve the problem of optimizing network capacity
  • Examining how digital twin methodologies can inform crucial decisions to drive operational and cost efficiences in augmentation projects
  • Utilizing software components and data models within the platform to mirror those deployed in the operational access network
  • Capitalizing on the digital twin opportunity for cost savings by ensuring that the augmentation plans produce an optimized network with minimum investment and maximum compatibility with existing software platforms

Mehul Patel
Senior Principal Architect 

Digital Network Twin: Setting a Foundation for Innovation      

  • Exploring how Broadband Equipment Identity (BEID) is creating a standard to pave the way for enhanced digitization and innovation
  • Capturing real-time data to assist with the development of robust, future-proof networks
  • Developing an architecture for an intelligence platform which allows data collection process, solution deployment
  • Enabling future digital twin use cases through data foundations

Matthew Palma
Senior Director, Emerging Technology Platforms & Growth
Charter Communications

Evaluating Cable Network Inventory Methods: A Long-Term Scenario-Based Approach

  • Developing a scenario-based approach for evaluating three topology maintenance methods
    • Manual
    • Semi-automatic using wink switches
    • Advanced automatic network topology discovery.
  • Using scenarios to understand how to assess their long-term effectiveness, adaptability, sustainability, and cost-efficiency.
  • Building a framework that enables informed decision-making in selecting a access network topology inventory maintenance strategy
  •  Considering future readiness and cost implications

Steve Condra
Senior Engineering Director and Product Manager
Teleste Intercept LLC

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