Operations, Construction & Network Planning

Powering a Greener Future

Sharpen Your Senses: Enabling the No-Touch HFC Power Network Through Next-Gen Instrumentation 

  • Deploying an enhanced power sensing upgrade on new and legacy power architectures
  • Differentiating between power sources to improve outage deployment, improve reliability and reduce truck rolls
  • Understanding how to read transient signatures to train ML engines for future predictive algorithms and improve AI engine decision making
  • Analyzing new insights being realized from enhanced sensory data

Toby Peck
Senior Director of Broadband Product Management
EnerSys Energy

Reduce Network Power Consumption by Up to 30%        

  • Reviewing drivers to reduce network power consumption
  • Using direct current (DC) to improve efficiency by allowing a power factor of one and switching mode power supplies (SMPS)
  • Understanding how different frequencies from DC can reduce a minimum electrolytic corrosive and optimize energy savings

Ivan Perallon
VP Access Power Systems 
Technetix, Inc.

Draining the Power Grid: Slaying Energy Vampires and Optimizing Your Cable Network’s Power Consumption

  • Developing strategies to optimize power efficiency within the network with a focus on inside and outside plant powering
  • Considering the options for reducing OSP energy waste within fiber optic nodes, OSP power supply right-sizing, and field equipment decommissioning
  • Analyzing ISP wattage reduction practices, optimizing cooling techniques and standards to meet site needs
  • Lessons learned: How to achieve significant energy savings and rebates while maintaining network performance

Mike Wojciechowski
Critical Infrastructure Design Engineer

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Operations, Construction & Network Planning

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