API-Powered NaaS

Towards a Federated Future: A Decentralized Framework for Global Developer Services  

  • Adopting standardized APIs to empower developers to create and build new services
  • Understanding the benefits of a federated approach to developer registration, user authorization, and API access
  • Developing strategies to monetize API interactions while maintaining ownership and control of exposed network resources
  • Advocating for the transformation of the delivery of developer services to foster innovation and a new approach to connectivity: What is the vision and how should the industry respond?

Christopher Aubut
Principial Engineer II
Charter Communications

vCMTS as a Service: Scalable and Extensible APIs        

  • Exploring the role of CAMARA as an enabler for NaaS
  • Reducing operational complexity and engineering costs through cloud-native platforms
  • Utilizing APIs to reduce the barrier for onboarding and expanding engineering talent to accelerate innovation

De Fu Li
Distinguished Engineer 

Quality by Design: Unveiling an Outcome-Focused Proof of Concept  

  • Determining the advantages Quality by Design (QbD): A framework offering standardized APIs based on the Quality of Outcome (QoO) and Quality Attenuation (QED)
  • Equipping  developers with insights and optimization tools for network adjustment through API-based automated workflows
  • Utilizing predictive outcome scores and detailed root cause analysis to gain insights and apply real-time information to address network impairments
  • Detailing steps to standardize Quality by Design APIs for industry-wide adoption

Shafayet Khan
Lead Software Engineer

Israel Madiedo
Innovation & Technology Director

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