Architecting the Cloud: Orchestrating B2B, Multi-Cloud, and Applications

Exploring the Indirect and Emerging Benefits of a Hybrid Multi-Cloud Strategy for MSOs

  • Determining the advantages and disadvantages of implementing a hybrid multi-cloud
  • Enabling differentiated cloud services and features to create efficiency and innovation to satisfy application-centric requirements
  • Integrating public cloud platform capabilities and architectural patterns into internally-managed private cloud and IT services to adopt best practices and design patterns
  • Defining the appropriate cloud strategy and guidelines for alignment across the business, application, data, and integration domains
    • data management
    • governance
    • technological capabilities mapping
    • regulatory/security compliance considerations.

Marcus Miller
Lead Cloud Native Solutions Architect 
Cox Communications

Automation and Orchestration of Multiple Platforms to Offer a B2B Self-Service Cloud Platform

  • Meeting customer needs by using automation tools in conjunction with other open-source platforms for DevOps
  • Understanding the benefits of a fully DevOps oriented environment in terms of meeting the IaC (Infrastructure as Code) requirements, future-proof granting growth functionalities, adjusting to the new version and quickly adding features
  • Exploring how the architecture supports operating expense reductions, improves delivery time, enables new security features and offers opportunities to execute new customization based on market needs
  • What is the cultural change needed to succeed?

David Olea
Senior Manager B2B Technology
Liberty Latin America

Paul Fonte
Director, Future Infrastructure Group

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