Containerization of the Cloud: Why, Where and How?

Containerization and Services Lifecycle Management: Are We There Yet?

  • Reviewing the effectiveness containerization and services lifecycle management models to accomplish the distribution of network functions to multiple physical locations
  • Examining current implementations using containers 
  • Lessons learned: How can distribution of access Network Gateway Functions further improve service delivery, resilience, management and operations.

Nasir Ansari
Network Architect
Rogers Communications Inc.           

Cloud-Native Approach to Automated Implementation of Network Strategy  

  • Developing strategies to exploit the increasing functionality of cloud-based solutions
  • Integrating network models across your organization to create faster access to API development
  • Leveraging increased predictive capabilities with machine learning platforms
  • Examining strategies to deploy machine learning model at scale and explore further simplification through AI integration

Pavan Chandrashekar
Lead Data Engineer
Cox Communications

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