Security & Privacy

Bad Things Happen with Bad Passwords

How to Address Unauthorized Broadband Sharing

  • Examining the effectiveness of methods to detect if customers are engaging in broadband sharing
  • Developing a new approach that leverages radio frequency network (RF), artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML)
  • Understanding how to mitigate, discourage and prevent broadband sharing

Serhad Doken
Chief Technology Officer

Customer Account Takeover Detection    

  • Implementing measures to monitor for suspicious activity
    • How to identify suspicious activity by ingesting multiple signals
  • Exploring how pre-defined baselines and user behavior analysis can determine if a user’s account is compromised.
  • Developing methods to respond to an account takeover

Stuart Keener
AVP Cybersecurity
Cox Communications 

Loose Bits Sink Gits: Unearthing Repository Secrets and Scanning Developer Trends          

  • Determining the effectiveness of entropy calculation and regex-based (static) scanners vs. artificial intelligence-based alternatives for authentication
  • Assessing the extent to which AI-based solutions provide a higher accuracy  structured secrets and unstructured secrets
  • Developing an understanding of how new repositories may have fewer secrets and its implications

Golam Kayas
Technical Research & Development Engineer

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