Security & Privacy

Guarding the Gateway: Securing the Infrastructure

The Evolution of Domain Name System (DNS) Security and Privacy

  • Evaluating DNS strategies to minimize impact and disruption these services may cause to their businesses and operations
  • Building a technical overview of DNS adoption and direction
  • Understanding recent standards for connecting clients with encrypted resolvers and what they mean to network providers
  • Reviewing best practices and recommendations for implementing DNS encryption to maximize subscribers’ confidence based on deployment experience

Jeff Van Dyke
Chief Product Architect, Secure Internet Access Security Technology Group

Shielding Networks: Pioneering Defence Strategies Against Distributed Denial of Service (DDoS) Attacks

  • Extending the capabilities of Virtual Services Gateway (VSG) to provide a comprehensive distributed denial of service (DDoS) protection solution
  • Implementing a selective inline traffic inspection mechanism to detect & mitigate DDoS attack packets while bypassing legitimate traffic
  • Determing the robustness of DDoS defense solution to secure access networks, ensure user experience and maintain customer trust

Carl Klatsky
Senior Principal Engineer

Stupid Log Tricks

  • Developing strategies to lower the costs of security information management
  • Understanding how to manage multiple tools in real time
  • Lesson learned: How to build a modern architecture using open-source components

Matt Carothers
Senior Principal Security Architect 
Cox Communications

Tao Wan
Distinguished Technologist

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