Security & Privacy

We Are Not Immune from Attacks and Responsibility

Ransomware, Incident Reporting, and the Critical Infrastructure Designation for Cable Networks

  • Exploring the reality and addressing the expectations of having the designation of ‘Critical Infrastructure’. What changes in government relationships can network operators expect over the next few years?
  • Operating in a shifting regulatory environment – how to best prioritize efforts?
  • Understanding and meeting the operational and reporting requirements related to technical and supply-chain threats.

Brian Scriber
Distinguished Technologist and VP of Security and Privacy Technologies

Safeguarding Machine Learning Systems: A Comprehensive Analysis of Security Concerns and Defensive Strategies

  • Examining the security concerns in machine learning – what are the associated threats?
  • Exploring and addressing potential vulnerabilities
    • adversarial attacks
    • model inversion attacks
    • data poising attacks
  • Understanding the importance of proactive security measures
    • robust model validation
    • secure data handling protocols
    • ongoing monitoring for anomalous behavior
  • Developing future directives for enhancing security methodologies and approaches

Shivam Gupta
Network Specialist
Media Communications Corporation

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