Wireline Network Evolution

Coherent PON

What Could You Do with 100 Gbps Coherent PON?        

  • Analyzing the viability of a specific coherent PON as a replacement for point-to-point fiber solution used in backhaul, enterprise connectivity, and aggregation
  • Lessons learned: Reviewing the cost, optical budget, system throughput, latency, jitter, and the applicability

Edward Boyd
Vice President | PON R&D

Unleashing the Power of Coherent Optical Technology: Revolutionizing Next-Generation PONs with Flexible Rates, Upstream Burst Detection, and Network Protection 

  • Exploring how CPON architecture can replace External Cavity Lasers (ECLs) with affordable devices in the ONUs and versatile bandwidth allocation across time and frequency domains
  • Examining the field of upstream burst coherent detection in CPON and the significance of efficient burst recovery and processing
  • Reviewing network reliability and resiliency in an innovative network protection strategy for CPON that leverages a cost-effective mutual protection scheme

Haipeng Zhang
Principal Architect 

Matt Schmitt
Principal Architect

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