AI & Automation

Driving a Proactive Approach to AI-Powered Security

Hacking the Hacker: How AI is Changing the Game of Penetration Testing   

  • Determining the feasibility of utilizing large language models (LLMs) for penetration testing and ethical hacking
  • Exploring the art of the possible: How effective are LLMs in deciphering complex technical challenges, exploiting vulnerabilities and generating exploit scripts?
  • What are the ethical considerations for testing and guidelines for responsible implementation

Kyle Haefner
Ph.D., Principal Architect

Gremlins in the Network: How Adversarial AI Can Evade Network Detection          

  • Understanding the role of network traffic analysis and adversarial AI in cybersecurity
  • Deep dive: How can attackers manipulate network traffic data to bypass detection
  • Developing potential defense mechanisms to improve the robustness of network traffic analysis against adversarial AI

Kyle Haefner
Ph.D., Principal Architect

Protecting Content with Enhanced Gini Entropy Analysis

  • Developing a novel approach to security issues surrounding Digital Rights Management
  • Using anonymized data from peripheral devices and user behavior to draw inferences on user characteristics and system conditions

Jeff Calkins
Lead Data Scientist
Charter Communications

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