AI & Automation

Finding the AI Advantage in Customer Experience

Reducing Preventable Service Visits with Generative AI: Altice and Palantir

  • Using AI, ML and data modelling to drive a data-driven approach to site visits
  • Unlocking new ways of closing feedback cycles faster and more efficiently
  • Lessons learned: Evaluating troubleshooting tools in real time, responding to changes in a more agile way

Gavin Mitchell
VP Product Quality Assurance 
Altice USA

Causality for Customer Experience Anomalies with Real-Time vCMTS Telemetry and Machine Learning

  • Utilizing machine learning techniques for root cause analysis
  • Developing techniques to pinpoint the root cause behind anomalies detected
  • Determining the extent to which automation can eliminate network monitoring boundaries beyond software upgrades
  • Examining the future potential of ML to run in real time and integrate with existing monitoring tools at scale

Ilana Weinstein 
Data Scientist 

Customer Experience-Centric Network Investment and Interventions Through AI   

  • Implementing an AI-driven approach to prioritize a shift towards a more customer-centric network management strategy
  • Moving beyond traditional KPIs allowing for strategic network intervention prioritization to reduce customer interactions and churn
  • Using AI classification models for HFC and FTTH networks to predict which customers are likely to seek technical support
  • Creating a blueprint for telcos to ensure investment strategies and network upgrades are directly aligned with improving the customer experience

Mauricio Romero
AI and Advanced Analytics Sr. Director 
Liberty Latin America 

Asit Tandon
Vice President, Network Technology
Rogers Communications

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