AI & Automation

Developing and Building AI and GenAI Products

Causality-Based Instant Root Cause Analysis for Microservices Failure          

  • Automating the construction of micro-service dependencies by leveraging causal discovery techniques with multivariate time-series data to facilitate the swift identification of microservice failures
  • Empowering site reliability engineers to make informed, data-driven decisions
  • Understanding how to implement a causality-based instant RCA method in an AIOps platform to improve reliability

Nick Pinckernell
Distinguished Engineer, Machine Learning

Anomaly Detection in the Oracle Database Ecosystem Using Density Based Spatial Clustering       

  • Using density-based spatial clustering (DBSCAN) for anomaly detection
  • Operationalizing DBSCAN ML techniques on database monitoring data
  • Understanding how to manage and group your data across databases using standard monitoring techniques

Jim Prather
Lead Systems Engineer 
Cox Communications

A Comprehensive Approach to Building Generative AI Products

  • A framework for understanding, evaluating, and integrating AI and GenAI into various software development operations and services
  • Exploring the different classes of GenAI models, including open-source, open-weights, and proprietary models to enable effective utilization
  • Synergies between GenAI and other AI technologies to unlock new possibilities for operations, network management, content analysis and generation, and enhancing the customer experience

Jennifer Andreoli-Fang

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