Operations, Construction & Network Planning

Making Sense of Plant Data

Re-Thinking Service Interruptions from Architecture to Operations   

  • Building a centralized and automated solution to identify all interruptions and assign a potential root cause in near real-time by leveraging network telemetry 
  • Integrating a novel algorithm into the existing network ecosystem that can differentiate between various types of plant events and commercial power outages (CPO)
  • Use case analysis: How is the algorithm being used to identify root cause with the presence of alternative power sources?
  • Exploring how automated root cause identification enables a more efficient path to remediation resulting in a better operational and customer experience

Anna Gallegos
Technical Product Manager

Hattery Will Get You Everywhere

  • Building tools and processes for successful deployment of DOCSIS®  4.0 FDX at scale
  • Examining the effectiveness of the automated assessment tools designed, built, and implemented to date in terms of customer experience, scalability and DOCSIS®  4.0 migration
  • Lessons learned and metrics from the FDX installations
  • Explain the roadmap for these tools as FDX evolves to deploy over N+x systems

John Chrostowski
Executive Director, NGAN Access Engineering

Understanding the Challenges of DOCSIS® Proactive Network Maintenance   

  • Determining and overcoming the obstacles that can undermine the success of DOCSIS® Proactive Network Maintenance (PNM) initiatives
  • Deep dive into data overload: How to distill complex data into clear, actionable recommendations for network maintenance and optimization
  • Optimizing PNM programs to unlock the full potential of proactive network maintenance in delivering superior service quality to subscribers

Allen Maharaj
Manager, HFC Operations
Rogers Communications Inc.

Jason Rupe
Distinguished Technologist

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