Operations, Construction & Network Planning

New Approaches to Network Design

Building and Deploying Enterprise-Wide Design and Drafting Tools for Hybrid Fiber Coaxial (HFC) Networks 

  • Reviewing the development of a HFC network design tool that addresses the limitations of existing tools
  • Meeting the challenges of transforming data from current tools
  • Examining strategies for deployment strategy for the HFC network design tool
    • Understanding the considerations for regional rollout to reduce risk and embrace adoption
  • Determining the challenges of deploying an application that provides data to over one hundred applications using layer services

Kathy Binns
Program Delivery Director

Evaluating the Cost to Deploy a Fixed Access Networks (like FTTH, FTTB, etc.) in an Area, Is Usually Complex, Expensive and Time Consuming

  • The geometric model presented, leveraging on just public maps, allow a first high-level civil works evaluation (dig length) with enough accuracy (>90%)        
  • Developing a new geometric model to estimate the amount of civil works required in urban areas for the deployment of next generation access (NGA) networks
  • Exploring how this model can provide a quick, accurate, high-level estimation without the necessity of specific geographical measurements or surveys
  • Understanding how the algorithm estimates the infrastructure in terms of digging, ducts, cable paths and lengths providing the civil works quantities 

Taking the Guesswork Out of Network Capacity Management 

  • Analyzing network performance metrics aimed at facilitating robust capacity management strategies within broadband networks
  • Assessing potential applications for effective network capacity management
  • Leveraging insights derived from speed distributions, latency characteristics, and associated parameters to proactively optimize network resources, enhance service quality, and ensure optimal customer experience

Sung-eun Kim
Senior Network Planning Engineer
Cox Communications

Jennifer Smardo
Vice President, Network Implementation

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