Wireline Network Evolution

Boosting Performance: PNM for Optical Networks

Boosting FTTH Network Performance: Key Strategies  

  • Making the organizational shift required to effectively monitor the end-to-end performance for FTTH customers
  • Reviewing the performance management strategy: Challenges and risks
  • Fostering collaboration with cross-functional teams to strengthen the approach
  • Recognizing the importance of continuous improvement and identifying key enhancements crucial for deployment
  • Exploring the variances in architecture, protocols, telemetry, and operations

Ben Ragel
Senior PON Engineer
Rogers Communications 

The Fiber Folding Ruler: Creating A Common ‘KPI Language’ for Operating Fiber Networks      

  • Exploring the challenges and opportunities of blending HFC and FTTH to manage faults, performance, and capacity in converged interconnect networks
  • Proposing a common language and framework for network KPIs
  • Driving industry collaboration and co-development

Robert-Jan van Minnen
Senior Manager Network Analytics & Performance Planning
Liberty Global

Operating Fiber Access the Cable Way: Challenges for the Industry to Overcome    

  • Understanding the different levels of complexity maintenance and operations in PON
  • Building an optical operations and maintenance program that reduces troubleshooting and problem resolution time and costs while increasing network capacity and uptime
  • Defining use cases that align to general architecture functions and network operations needs including fault and failure management and failure modes
  • Identifying new potential capabilities to further reduce operations burdens

Jason Rupe
Distinguished Technologist

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