Wireline Network Evolution

Optimizing DOCSIS® Capacity

Optimizing Spectrum Efficiency with Cloud-Based Load Balancing

  • Examining a novel approach to the DOCSIS® channel load balancing
  • Leveraging real-time telemetry and control APIs to implement channel load balancing as a cloud-based microservice
  • Decoupling VCMTS functionalities and transforming them into reliable, flexible, and scalable services with operating observability
  • Assessing the effectiveness of the approach for:
    • Detecting imbalanced loads across the production network
    • Improving channel utilization distribution at a minimal cost
    • Increasing spectrum utilization efficiency
    • Improving the customer experience

Jingjiei Zhu
Principal Software Engineer

Unlocking 5% More OFDM/OFDMA Capacity with Cyclic Prefix Tuning     

  • Tuning the cyclic prefix (CP) length to maximize throughput while still maintaining robust communication
  • Combining telemetry data captured from the live plant and real-time FPGA-based channel emulation to assess the impact of CP length
  • Analyzing how CP overhead can be reduced to increase capacity across the network

Richard Primerano
Principal Engineer, Next Generation Access Network

Extracting Additional DOCSIS® Upstream Capacity Without HFC Network Upgrades

  • Developing strategies to get additional capacity out of a DOCSIS® system without upgrading
  • Exploring methods to set upstream levels to add network capacity by setting different parts of the spectrum
  • Transmitting the modem at the highest level to optimize capacity
  • Lessons learned: How much capacity gains are possible by adjusting the return level while still staying within the constraints of cable modem transmit power
  • Building a blueprint of how an automatic system can dynamically adjust the upstream level of the DOCSIS® network

Saifur Rahman
Distinguished Engineer

Karthik Sundaresan
Distinguished Technologist & Director of HFC solutions

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