Wireline Network Evolution

Operationalizing and Automating PON

Navigating Interoperability Hurdles for XGS-PON Within the Cable Access Network         

  • Determining and overcoming the challenges to achieve interoperability as part of ITU-T based XGS-PON deployments
  • Evaluating the solutions and options for implementing ITU-T based PON technologies
  • Avoiding vendor lock in: How to maintain compatibility with legacy DOCSIS provisioning and management systems

Jon Schnoor
Principle Architect, Wired Technologies

Beyond 10G PON Technologies and Network Slicing     

  • Exploring new use cases enabled by Passive Optical Networks (PON) and network slicing technologies
  • Determining whether the next generation of PON will be a more cost-effective approach in the CIN and open up new revenue streams
  • Deep dive into 10G, 25GS, 50G-ITU and 100+ PON technologies

Michael Emmendorfer 
Vice President of Technology

Automating XGS- PON Network Deployments: Operator Lessons Learned   

  • Case study: How to accelerate PON deployment rate by 5x compared to previous generations of PON platform
  • Reviewing the challenges, strategies employed, and the lessons learned in automating PON network deployments at scale
  • Considering infrastructure, technology, changes to labor models and operational processes – what are the best practices and pitfalls to guide future implementations?

Moe Iqbal
Senior Lead Architect 
Cox Communications 

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